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Janis Jaunarais
Republic of Latvia Technology is highly recognized for reliability. Dependable web site hosting, however, doesn't happen by chance. Every aspect of technology is precision engineered to be online all of the time. does not compromise on quality. Data centers

Strategic Location
The data centers are strategically located hundreds of miles away from natural disaster areas and potential terrorist target locations. Its location is unpublicized and is unidentifiable as an enterprise level data centers. With 24/7/365 monitoring, the data centers has full security protection and it is only accessible with an authorized escort.
Access is secured by double authenticated encrypted token.

Power and Cooling Systems
Power and cooling systems are supported by conditioned power with multiple redundancies. Should a complete power outage occur, the power and cooling back-up systems will insure sufficient power and optimal climate control to keep the data centers online and working seamlessly.

The equipment used in the data centers consists of carrier class Cisco routers, high-end servers from major manufacturers, and enhanced with the Linux operating system. Learn More Network Infrastructure

QWKPeeringsm has established strategic peering relationships with multiple redundant Tier 1 Internet backbone providers. These key relationships insure fast, high-performance bandwidth that provides some of the fastest network connectivity in the industry. Instead of maintaining the flow of information through one route, QWKPeeringsm operates separate routes that allows for faster flow of data.

The way utilizes the bandwidth is also key to their high performance network. provides pure, unshared and unadulterated bandwidth to maintain the integrity of the bandwidth. Pure bandwidth contributes significantly to the reliability and speed of data transfer that is known for. Learn More

A trouble-free
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QWK provides excellent service. I have been using them for over a year now and have not experienced a single day of downtime.

Tony Roza
Newport Beach, CA