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The superior peering strategy makes fast, stable, and the web site host of choice for businesses. Furthermore, the network infrastructure is one of the main advantages over competition. has established multiple Tier 1 peering relationships to verify fast, high-performance bandwidth suppliers. The unshared bandwidth is pure and results in one of the fastest network and hosting companies in the industry.

The following paragraphs provide the details:

  • has established strategic peering relationships with multiple major Tier 1 Internet backbone providers to provide redundant connectivity.
  • The network has multiple connectivity paths to facilitate faster flow of data as data bottlenecks are eliminated.
  • The network load never exceeds 60% utilization before additional capacity is added to protect against an overloaded system.
  • Backbone providers enter the data centers at different points to protect against complete service failures in the unlikely case of a network cut.
  • The engineered fiber plant provides lightning fast response time to major Internet aggregation hubs.
  • Scalable redundant Sonnet peering allows us to stay ahead of capacity demand.

Pure Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth is unshared and unadulterated to provide optimal performance.
  • utilizes only fast, high-performance bandwidth that provides some of the fastest network connectivity in the industry. is a reliable host!

At, there is always someone to answer your questions and solve the technical problem that may arise. Their network never appears to go down and last but not least, has a very customer service oriented way of doing business.

Alexis Perrier