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Quick and Nimble

By nature, large corporations lose touch with customers. Their customers become numbers and quality service becomes "an issue" to deal with. is not a large corporation which allows the company to be quick and nimble.

The core of being quick and nimble is the home-town, personalized service that can only be offered by a smaller company. focuses on building relationships instead of acquiring accounts. helps solve customer problems with commitment and dedication instead of dealing with an onslaught of "customer service issues."

Being quick and nimble is the ability to adjust to customer needs without delay or being hampered by corporate bureaucracy. When a new and proven technology is introduced into the marketplace, is prompt to put the new technology into practice. If a customer has a unique need, is adept to meet that customer?s unique need.

Finally, is quick and nimble in research and development. When new ideas are born, rapidly pursues the development. In the fast-paced world of the Internet, the ability for a company to move quickly in the development process will enhance the overall customer experience.

I have been happy with The price is reasonable, service/support has been very good, and they recently expanded disk quotas across the board.

Gene Dougherty
Champaign, IL